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Plant Capacity Mixes Batch System

Daniels Ready Mix Asphalt Plant

Our asphalt plant has the ability to hold one or more mixes in any of the three 100 ton storage silos. We can easily be ready for a 400 ton project within a matter of hours, and can deliver up to 150 tons per hour after the inital batch. The fully computerized batch system blends 5 seperately stored aggregates into consistent, top-quality mixes.

Daniels Ready Mix Asphalt Plant

We can supply varying aggregate asphalt mixes. Our asphalt mixes are used by cities, counties, and state projects throughout South Central Kansas. Projects that use our completely virgin mixes have included roadways and parking lots.

Daniels Ready Mix Asphalt Plant Batch System

The asphalt plant's fully computerized batch system provides the right mix of rock, sand, and oil for each batch according to the selected mix design. We continually improve the plant's clean air system and have a KDHE approved facility that is tested once a year for compliance.