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Daniels Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

For the past sixty years we have been working hard to deliver the highest quality of building material possible. All jobs, no matter what the size may be, will receive the same attention to detail and customer service that they always have. With the help of our sister company American Concrete, located just 9 miles to the south, we are well equipped to handle all commercial projects while continuing to take care of our local contractors and businesses.

Daniels Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

Our state of the art, fully computerized batch plant and proven mix designs, guarantee a consistent mix each and every time. Whether it be a small 3 yard sidewalk project or a two hundred yard per hour industrial floor, we can choose from our standard mixes or one of the many state approved and commercial strength mixes to get the job done.

Daniels Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

Along with printed batch reports to assure quality control with each truck load, we also check incoming aggregates for quality assurance. We store all incoming aggregates seperately, control moisture content, and run periodic testing on our standard concrete mixes. All state mixes are tested every 5th truck and our batch scales are state certified and calibrated twice a year.

Concrete // Projects

Daniels Ready Mix working on Winfield Middle School

Winfield Middle School

2005 - 2006 // Footings, Paving, Structural

Daniels Ready Mix working on Southwestern College

Southwestern College Stadium

2010 // Architectural

Daniels Ready Mix working on Veterans' Cemetary

Veterans' Cemetery

2004 // Paving